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I think I’m caught up in my school work to the point where I can get ahead.  I don’t think I failed my quiz and my test last week either (but anything can happen, so I except a game seven final minute comeback loss type of thing).  Things are on the upswing.

My relationship, on the other hand, has reached a point where things should and could be stable (for like a week) but they’re not.  I realized that my boyfriend is probably the most antisocial person I have ever met.  I know a lot of antisocial people.  Sometimes, talking to him is really interesting, with joking and stories and trivia.  Other times, it’s like talking to a brick wall.  He also never calls me or texts me unless he absolutely needs something.  I try to be understanding, because I think this behavior is usually caused by a lack of sleep.  I let it go for a long time, but it’s starting to bother me because it seems like he doesn’t care.  Why should I put in an effort if he isn’t going to?  Things on that front are on the downswing.

Which means, the two are about to intersect.

You see, it’s just like the sine and cosine curves.  Allow me to explain:

Take a look at pi/4 on the x-axis.  The sine function, in red, represents my academic life.  The cosine function, in green, represents my social life.  The values of these two functions rise and fall as theta increases (or time goes on, keeping with the metaphor), and periodically, they peak, they trough, and they intersect.  Right now, I would say both values are positive, and I’m approaching the value found at pi/4.  The sine and the cosine at this point are both equal to the square root of two over two – not negative, not a maximum, just equal.

If I’m at all right about this theory, soon I’ll get to the intersection, which will probably be a good day.  Then my grades will go up (hopefully, at the time of finals) but my relationship quality is going to decline.  Or maybe the y-value isn’t a measure of quality, but a measure of how much effort I have to put into maintaining the relationship or the school work.

Either way, I could use this to predict how things should go for me in the near future!  Consider the implications!  I could focus my efforts a certain way and be far more effective if I had an idea of what was coming to me.

But, of course, everything in life can’t actually be predicted by a series of equations.  Or can it?  (Actually, it can, in many ways…but the equations are slightly more complicated…I could go on but, eh, what’s the point)

– K-tosh


So since I’m in college and having what is probably the most meaningful year of my life, I think it would be a good idea to write down some of how I’m feeling and what I’m doing.  I guess it’s kind of like a diary, so I hope to write somewhat regularly.  But, true to the form of this blog, this could very well be the first and last edition of “Friday.”  Here we go:

It’s March 5th.  A friend’s birthday is tomorrow.  Some of my friends are on Spring Break but not me, but that’s ok because my workload is really light these days.  I had a couple weeks in there where I was stressed and working really hard, but I can relax for now.  I’m actually pretty glad it’s not the break yet.  The best part of the break is that hopefully, I will get to see several friends that I don’t go to school with, even though they won’t be off.  Maybe I should do some work or something…

My boyfriend is going to Scotland during the break, which distresses me but not as much as you might think.  It’s more like, the calendar is freaking me out.  We started dating almost five weeks ago.  Typically we only see each other on Fridays, and we’ve seen each other nearly every Friday since we started college at the end of August (hence, the name of this “series”).  Aside from a one-and-a-half month respite where we went to the same calculus class last semester, I pretty much never see the guy if it’s not Friday.  On top of that, he’s not big on texting or calling.  Or on communicating at all, really (the other day he had the nerve to criticize somebody else’s communication skills – I called him out on his own but I didn’t really explain why so I think I might’ve upset him a little bit).  So while I’m going to miss him (two Fridays without him, *sigh*), honestly it won’t be that different from the usual.

When he gets back there are only four weeks of school left, plus the ambiguous week of exams where we will both be busy and could very well go home on say, Wednesday.  He lives three hours from me.  Because of the way my curriculum is set up, there is the possibility that we’ll be separated for eight months, having only been together for three (but eight if you count the time where we were just friends).  And that’s if we don’t break up by then.  Now I know I can handle it – people aren’t exactly lining up to date me, plus I tend to use my self-control well.  The question is, can he?  Not saying I’m in love with him or anything, but I think he’s the kind you want to keep around.  I like him more and more the longer I know him.  He’s actually come a long way, in terms of how he acts around my friends and me.  Either he’s a smooth talker (which precedence based on his dating history says is possible, but personal experience says isn’t) or he’s actually a sweet, caring guy.

Regardless of him, I dread the thought of this school year ending.  It’s the closest I’ve felt to the happiness of childhood innocence since growing up, which is ironic considering certain other events of the past year.  The poem “Nothing Gold Can Stay” by Robert Frost is true, and even though it’s totally cliche to use other people’s words to express your feelings (and we reference The Outsiders way too much), I’m going to do it.  I like cliches too.

Nature’s first green is gold,

Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;

But only so an hour.

Then leaf subsides to leaf.

So Eden sank to grief,

So dawn goes down to day.

Nothing gold can stay.

– K-tosh

Hey friends! It’s K-Tosh again with the fifth installment of the Otaku Files! What’s that? What are the Otaku Files, you say?? You thought I discontinued those long ago, forsaking my promise to bring to the masses a Back-to-School edition?!? Oh, no, folks, you’ve never been more wrong.

Well, it’s not exactly a back-to-school edition anymore. The school year is halfway over now. But this is when things start to get tough! Or not. I needed this at the beginning of the year. But I digress.

After spending a long summer break winter break watching anime, catching up on your favorite manga, rewatching the same anime, rereading the same manga, drawing fanart, training Pokemon, and thinking about more manga, you might have some issues when you go back to school. For one,

“I don’t understand why I failed that test! I read the book…” *thinks about it* “Wait… that might have been The Prince of Tennis.”

Unless you want your grades to suffer, you have to accept the fact that you can’t just spend time doing whatever you want. I know, it’s sad. But it’s life. Life doesn’t accommodate for our obsessions. After school, you should study. Right? Riiight??? And think about what you would be going through if you actually were in a manga. You would be going to juku!!! JUKU! I mean, I wouldn’t, because I’m too old….. But if you’re a middle schooler… I, on the other hand, would be preparing for university entrance exams! That’s no fun either. (Sket Dance 198-200, anyone?) So strict in Japan. Now that you have a bit of relief (sorry if you’re reading this from Japan…), here’s a suggestion to help you get through this tough time:

  • Read one manga chapter or watch one episode of something each night.

That way you can get your fix and not flunk!

*sitting in History class* “I miss Sasuke sooooo much…He’s soooooo hot…..Unlike David Petraeus or whoever the @*$%!$# that is…” 

The phenomenon of animated characters being attractive always provides a riveting discussion (“Zuko’s hair length is directly proportional to the size of his muscles, but inversely proportional to the size of his ego” and so on), but let’s save that for another day. This section explores coping mechanisms for the painful separation anxiety experienced when you have to stare at pages and pages of words with NO PICTURES except boring ones:

Did you know that the Tang dynasty’s famous poet, Li Bai, wrote in a playful, easygoing style? More importantly, did you care? This page even has a picture of a cartooney boat!! Just to remind you of the fact that Naruto was on a boat once, and exciting stuff happened! Geez. But remember, you have to be there. So what do you do to make things a little more… interesting?

  • Let your teacher know just how much you’ve learned from manga. Feudal lords…you know about that from Naruto! Meiji era? You know about that from Rurouni Kenshin! It’s not just for history. In science, Fullmetal Alchemist references abound with the knowledge you have gained regarding the Law of Conservation of Mass! It’s great for religion classes too; you have characters named after all 7 deadly sins there, in case you weren’t aware. And “pander” was a vocab word…I found it in Bakuman and got extra credit in English, like a boss.
  • Use anime/manga related school supplies! Folders and things are relatively easy to find. Borders (RIP) used to sell pencils, notebooks, and the like… I use FMA and One Piece pencils.
  • Better yet, design your own. I made this for my history class:


  • DON’T become a distraction/be distracted. It’s pointless to waste your time at school if you’re not learning anything, so don’t read in class when you’re not allowed, don’t sneakily play games in class, etc.

“Ugh. I hate it when I have to try and wear actual clothes to school. I don’t even own one single Hollister top or pair of Pink sweatpants…”

Why are you trying so hard to fit in? If you like Hollister tops and Pink sweatpants, more power to you. But there is no reason why you need to let others decide what is or is not cool to wear to school (as long as you wear something…there are some serious boundaries here). Because embracing what you love instead of hiding it will make you happier, and it’s how you can find true friends, who like the real you. So if you go to a school where you can wear anything/fairly liberal dress code:

  • Wear t-shirts and sweatshirts with your favorite characters on them! This Pikachu sweatshirt from Hot Topic is so stinkin CUTE! 😀 And yes, I own one. I also have a Naruto shirt and a Durarara shirt that I can’t wear to school even on non-uniform days, because it has a guy smoking on it, and some stupid rule forbids drug-related imagery on clothing…so yeah, watch out for that. Weapons too.
  • On a side note, if you go to one of those schools where people don’t even carry a backpack (although if you’re reading this you’re probably a nerd and get lots of homework), you can get a cute bag with anime characters on it! Like the Pikachu one from Hot Topic…
  • If your school does have a uniform policy then you’re practically in an anime or manga! They always wear uniforms in the ones that feature kids in school!

“People will make fun of me if I do that stuff in public.”

This is an issue I’m pretty passionate about. Right now, I go to a school where people are very accepting of others’ obsessions – we have massive Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Avatar fandoms – but I didn’t used to. It can be really hard to be happy doing what you love when other people make fun of you or tell you that you’re too old for it. This topic probably deserves its own Otaku File, but here are some suggestions in brief:

  • My best advice is to ignore them. There is seriously nothing wrong with being passionate about something you enjoy. You don’t have to be dancing Pat Monahan passionate, but you know, showing your interest in manga or anime is just a part of who you are. Also, expose yourself to people who approve of, share, or at least tolerate your interests (Right Stosh, Coco!?? *secret: J. Coco is into Pokemon now. I’m exploding with joy).
  • If somebody is making fun of you and it really, truly troubles you, even though you try to tell yourself how awesome I know you are, tell an adult. Please. Things will be better off if you get help in solving the problem. Nobody even expects teenagers to do everything on their own, even though it seems that way sometimes.
  • Watch this guy’s videos. His name is Chris, I discovered him through Pokememes, and he makes some seriously good stuff. It’s funny and he can relate to your struggles. Plus, he loves Pokemon!!! He’s like my hero.

I hoped my advice could help make your school year a little better! And hopefully the wait for Pokemon X and Y a little shorter!!! *fangirl scream* See you next time, in the sixth installment of…The Otaku Files. *theme song plays ominously*

– K-Tosh

P.S.: Abra used teleport.

Shucks Howdy! Once again, it’s time for Big Shot! Time to inform all ya’ll 300,000 bounty hunters in the solar system about what’s been goin’ down in JPT’s world!

Back to School! 

  • The fact that we’ve gone back to school means that (I’m guessing) we will have less time to write! Yay! (of course, it might bring on a whole new variety of topics we can pollute the internet with our thoughts on…stay tuned.)
  • I’ll be bringing you an all new super-fun back-to-school related edition of the Otaku Files in the coming days/weeks/months/years! (it will certainly feel like that last one) And yeah, I know I introduced that enigma in which “back-to-school” and “super-fun” are included in the same sentence. Just go with it.

I Am Currently Obsessed with the Band fun.

  • Love their song Some Nights.
  • And their entire album, Some Nights.
  • Don’t get me wrong. I love those on all nights.
  • Stosh claims this means I’m going indie.

This Girl Is Awesome

  • We three here at JPT have been known (if only to ourselves) to do some pretty eccentric things to solve some pretty odd problems. This here, courtesy of Passing Otaku, sounds exactly like something one of us would do. And since I’m too lazy busy to write my own posts, I bring you: Cookies, And A Hidden Agenda. The title says it all.

That’s it this week on Big Shot!! Tune in next time!!!

– K-Tosh, regretting that that was all she had to share with you.

p.s.: Imagine all this with a country-western theme and you’ll see what I was getting at. Maybe.