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I think I’m caught up in my school work to the point where I can get ahead.  I don’t think I failed my quiz and my test last week either (but anything can happen, so I except a game seven final minute comeback loss type of thing).  Things are on the upswing.

My relationship, on the other hand, has reached a point where things should and could be stable (for like a week) but they’re not.  I realized that my boyfriend is probably the most antisocial person I have ever met.  I know a lot of antisocial people.  Sometimes, talking to him is really interesting, with joking and stories and trivia.  Other times, it’s like talking to a brick wall.  He also never calls me or texts me unless he absolutely needs something.  I try to be understanding, because I think this behavior is usually caused by a lack of sleep.  I let it go for a long time, but it’s starting to bother me because it seems like he doesn’t care.  Why should I put in an effort if he isn’t going to?  Things on that front are on the downswing.

Which means, the two are about to intersect.

You see, it’s just like the sine and cosine curves.  Allow me to explain:

Take a look at pi/4 on the x-axis.  The sine function, in red, represents my academic life.  The cosine function, in green, represents my social life.  The values of these two functions rise and fall as theta increases (or time goes on, keeping with the metaphor), and periodically, they peak, they trough, and they intersect.  Right now, I would say both values are positive, and I’m approaching the value found at pi/4.  The sine and the cosine at this point are both equal to the square root of two over two – not negative, not a maximum, just equal.

If I’m at all right about this theory, soon I’ll get to the intersection, which will probably be a good day.  Then my grades will go up (hopefully, at the time of finals) but my relationship quality is going to decline.  Or maybe the y-value isn’t a measure of quality, but a measure of how much effort I have to put into maintaining the relationship or the school work.

Either way, I could use this to predict how things should go for me in the near future!  Consider the implications!  I could focus my efforts a certain way and be far more effective if I had an idea of what was coming to me.

But, of course, everything in life can’t actually be predicted by a series of equations.  Or can it?  (Actually, it can, in many ways…but the equations are slightly more complicated…I could go on but, eh, what’s the point)

– K-tosh


I love you.


It’s a little late for a Survivor post seeing as the finale was two weeks ago, but none the less, I will post!

Man, oh, man, it was a fangirling filled 24 hours after it was announced that Cochran won. I jumped up screaming, yelling, celebrating that one of my favorite Survivor contestants won! Such excitement!

On the other hand, when I rushed to school the next day exploding with the fabulous news, reactions from my friends varied from relief that this season was finally over so I’d stop talking about it to judging stares and comments of “Oh, that’s nice.” Of course, hardly anyone – scratch that- no one I know watches Survivor anymore, so it was a pretty lonely fangirling party in my head.

When the final episode started, we were immediately hit with the medical evacuation of Erik. 😦 It’s always so sad to see players forced to leave because of something they can’t really control. I can’t imagine how disappointed I would be if that happened to me. I was, however, relieved for Cochran because I saw Erik as an obvious challenge threat. That left Cochran’s competition to Dawn, Sherri, and Eddie. Eddie would be the next immediate threat in challenges, then Dawn and Sherri, respectively.

After Cochran won the next two challenges, he had the game in the bag. Eddie, whom Cochran thought would win if in the final three, was voted off, leaving Dawn, Sherri, and Cochran in the finals.

This just makes me laugh.

I thought Cochran would have a difficult time beating Dawn at the vote. Dawn was like everyone’s mother, so sweet, yet still strong in her alliance and decent in challenges. But she got grilled at the Jury cross examination. I felt so bad for her. If it’s even possible, I might have felt worse for Sherri. Every jury member either ignored her, personally insulted her, or tried to prove to her that her game was crap. However, in Sherri’s defense, it could be argued that her game was decent, at best.

At the Fans tribe she really did take control of her alliance. People definitely listened to her there. The merge was a different story. I think she was only kept because she wasn’t really a threat. Her performance in the merged tribe was obviously her downfall, flipping from alliance to alliance, trying to stay alive. Her argument at the Jury cross examination was that she was “adaptable” to every situation she was in. That may be true, but she also didn’t show any loyalty or try to make her own move. (Not to mention she wasn’t very good at challenges either.) Never in a million years did I expect for anyone to vote for Sherri, and no one did. Oh well,  Sherri. At least you can say you got there – which isn’t something a lot of people can say.

The final vote was a “Cochran” sweep. 9 for you, Cochran! You go, Cochran!

Read this article about Cochran celebrating his win! It’s great! And it’s got some great Cochran quotes:

Regarding his $1 Million Check: “I haven’t seen so many zeros since the Stealth R Us alliance.”

What will he buy with the money? “I think I’m entitled to at least one nerd out purchase.” He’s referring to a segway! I love him!

I find it very fascinating how transformed Cochran is after two rounds of Survivor. He really did go from awkward Harvard nerd to smooth talking Survivor strategist. I remember in his first season he was afraid to take off his shirt! And now look at him! Adorable! Not to mention he has a ginger beard! (it’s a JPT thing…Maybe another post?)

Any who, I did respect the move he made in his first season that eventually lead to his demise. In a situation where you might be picking rocks to see who goes home, I’d rather make a move. It might have seemed foolish to flip alliances, but someone would have had to flip. It just shows that Cochran isn’t afraid to take the reigns and “be the author of his own fate,” to quote that block head Brandon. I was so disappointed when he was voted off on his first season. I was rooting for him! And I had a huge crush on him… *cough* *cough*… still do…*cough*.  Seriously though, if I saw him randomly on the street, (more likely I’d stalk him) I’d probably start weeping and try to hug him. So, John Cochran, if you’re reading this and some girl approaches you weeping and looks like she wants to capture you, don’t be alarmed! I’m not insane! It’s just a fangirling problem!

But for real, if John Cochran is reading this, please comment or message me or visit me or something because I’d like to express my gratitude for how entertaining and more interesting you made Survivor for me. Like you, I’ve been watching since I was thirteen! And by the way, I’d definitely buy anything you publish because, believe me, you totally have “the gift of gab.” Marry me? Just kidding. But for real. No, seriously, marry me?

Jokes aside, (I wasn’t joking before about the marriage thing)… (ok, fine I realize the chances are slim, but give me a chance?)… (OH MY GOD I NEED TO STOP.) Cochran played an excellent game and I my proud to be one of his fangirls. Thank you, Cochran.

Jeff: “How often does that happen?”
Cochran: “More often than you think.”

P.S. You better believe I’ll post if he publishes something.

P.P.S. I’m seriously not crazy. Just a little …sporadic?

– J. Coco.