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Yeah, you got that right.

Today, some good things surprised me. Somehow, in a matter of four hours, I managed to raise my expectations from “so low I didn’t even want the good thing when I found it out it could actually happen” to a feeling of “angry, even though I had a good time, because I wanted more.” I gotta learn to separate what I want from what I expect. And, in line with my previous post, that makes me sad.

Looking back on the day here’s a list of the good things that happened:
-I got to go somewhere fun with some people from school
-A guy in my major who I find really cool drove me and we had so much time to talk one-on-one
-He took me to lunch too
-We talked about sports and video games
-I think we’re friends now
-I called my boyfriend (that’s right, CALLED. On the phone!)
-He didn’t turn me down when I asked him to go do something with me on campus – and I guess I should be happy for him for not being sick, right?
-He was cute all night
-We’re almost done with Avatar

And THAT, friends, is what he meant when he said, “We’re almost finished!” with so much enthusiasm (mind you, some of my unwarranted disappointment may be due to the fact that we talked about finishing it today). I heard a whole different meaning in those words. It might be time to start distancing myself emotionally. I think we’re almost finished, and I don’t know who or what to blame.

– K-Tosh