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Hmmm…what can I say about today?

I spent a lot of the morning feeling sad and lonely, because I didn’t see any friends on my very last day of classes.  That, and, it was my very last day of classes.  I have never been sad about this before.  Yes, I was “that guy.”  (Stosh was that guy at the end of high school.)

A highlight of the day happened in calculus class.  I was talking to the other kids…I’ve been trying to kind of be included for weeks now.  Anyway this one guy came in, and he was saying he was feeling so good.  I said, “nah, man…I’m not feeling so good today…” and immediately all three of the sophomores and the guy who came in last looked legitimately concerned for me.  The last guy put his hand on my shoulder and said, “is everything ok?”  The two sophomore guys looked attentive, and the girl looked…concerned, I guess.  And when I told them what was wrong, they were all like “ohhhhhhh shut up.”

But the older ones gave me a lot of advice!  First of all, they didn’t know I was a freshman, but they found out because I told them just how long I was going to be away.  When they found that out they told me that when it’s time to come back, I won’t want to.  I said, “I don’t know whether I should feel better or not.”  A fourth guy, who’s also in physics with me, talked to me for several minutes about it.  I did feel better because of them.

I spent some more time alone, watched some baseball, attempted homework for like five minutes.  Then it was time for the ol’ bf to come over.  We finally, FINALLY, finished Avatar.  In the bf’s words, it took me longer to watch that show than it did for Aang to prepare to fight the fire lord.  I was satisfied by that ending, but I feel slightly overwhelmed by what’s still out there.  I have to read the Search and the Promise and whatever they’re all called.  Plus, I can watch Korra.  Plus, I want to watch Breaking Bad!  I have to finish 24 by May 5!  I apologize for this tangent but this is pretty important to me.

Annnyway.  My biggest concern today, and of the last few months, really, was that I knew he was probably going to break up with me.  But, he did something that I pretty much expected, didn’t hope for, and might turn out to be worse.  I kept trying to broach the subject casually, but I had to outright ask what we would do when school ended and we would be hours apart for months.  He wanted me to answer my own question.  I told him, “I started this, we both know where I stand on this.  I want you to make the decision.”  First, he made me clarify the question.  Then, he asked me for the etymology and to use it in a sentence.  After about ten minutes of this stalling he said, “I hadn’t really thought about it.”  …what?  That is all I have thought that too clingy?  It sounds like he wants to try…and by try, I mean, wait until we’re back together…but that just leaves me with a ton of questions.  Like, does that mean we’re in an open relationship?  Does that mean, if we meet someone else we break up and if we don’t we don’t break up?  That sounds like he’s just stringing me along, and I don’t want to put up with that.  It is so cocky of me, though, to even think that I would have a hard time waiting because someone else would want to date me.

At least, for the meantime, he didn’t break up with me.

– K-Tosh


If you haven’t seen Hook, then find it now and watch it. It’s a fantastic 90’s sequel to Peter Pan. Captain Hook kidnaps Peter Pan’s kids to get revenge – but the grown up Peter can’t remember his past in Neverland! Peter goes on a comical adventure back to Neverland to rescue his kids and rediscover his past.
hook movie cover

I love this movie for SO many reasons but I’ve come up with my 10 best! Enjoy and reminisce!

1. When the Lost Boys Recognize that Peter is Peter

This moment right here. It’s so pure and beautiful. I love it. It’s one of my favorites of the movie.

2. Dante Basco as Rufio.

dante basco hook

Lets get real here: Dante Basco should have been #1. But I didn’t want my fangirling to bias this post…completely. But what can I say? Just looks at him. Dang. And his voice? DAAAAANG. Not that this has anything to do with the fact that I am – and will forever be – in love with Zuko from A:TLA, the character he voices. Noooo, not at all.

But I do have one thing to say: What’s with Rufio’s belly shirt?? It’s awkward.





3. Name Calling

Just to name a few…

Peter: Substitute chemistry teacher. 
Rufio: Mung tongue. 
Peter: Math tutor. 
Rufio: Pinhead. 
Peter: Prison barber. 
Rufio: Mother lover. 
Peter : Nearsighted gynecologist.

OH MY GOD. WATCH THIS. It’s a voice over of the name calling scene from Hook in Avatar.

Literally this is the best thing in the world. Listen closely to the dialogue- there are some seriously funny insults. My favorite line is “Don’t mess with me, man! I’M A LAWYER!”

I’m dying over here.

4. Robin Williams as Peter

robin williams hook

You can’t get funnier than Robin Williams. Period. He sneaks in these perfect under the radar lines that you have to be paying close attention to hear. He’s a genius.

5. How the Lost Boys Fight/Thud ball.

You gotta love it when kids fight with weapons that aren’t weapons. Eggs, gumballs, mirrors, sling shots, paint, a human bowling ball- wonderful! And so comical!

But you can’t argue- Thud ball’s the best.

6. Maggie Smith as Wendy.

maggie smith hook

Like a boss. She’s perfect in every roll she plays. I had the privilege of first meeting her as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series. But since then I have seen many of her older and newer works. She so sweet and Grandmotherly and Wendy-like in Hook. Everything she touches is gold.

7. Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook


I mean, the man plays a great Captain Hook. The narcissism and delivery of the character is just right. I think his best scene is between Hook and Smee when Hook is holing the gun to his own head. Hook is saying: “Don’t try to stop me. Don’t you dare try to stop me, Smee. Don’t stop me. Stop me. Smee, stop me. STOP ME. Don’t ever do that to me again!”

Also the man rocks the twisted mustache, just sayin’.

8. Pirate Baseball


9. Bob Hoskins as Smee


Okay, Bob Hoskins has played the character Smee on more than one occasion. Another Smee performance is in the mini series Neverland. He’s good there too. There’s something about Bob Hoskins that I can’t help but like. If you don’t recognize him (you should!!) he’s also the blind dwarf in Snow White and the Huntsman and Eddie the detective in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

10. That moment when you realize Glenn Close, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Phil Collins make cameos. 

This is real.

glenn close in hook

Yes, THAT is Glenn Close. She’s on the far left with Robin Williams in the middle, and Dustin Hoffman on the right.

gwyneth paltrow in hook

Gwyneth Paltrow plays young Wendy. She has no lines, but, none the less, is there.

phil collins in hook

Phil Collins. You can’t really tell but that’s him in the middle. He’s the inspector.

Thanks for reading! And remember, “to live would be a grand adventure as well.”


If you forgot this, remember it.

– J. Coco

Dante Basco (a.k.a the awesome guy that voices Zuko from A:TLA and plays Rufio in Hook) has a Reddit!

And guess what he said….

1. His favorite line of Zuko’s from Avatar the Last Airbender? – “That’s rough, Buddy.”

And, I mean, you know, that just happens to be MY FAVORITE LINE EVER from my favorite character. Read my earlier post explaining my obsession  excitement.

2.  He ships Zutara. What is this madness?!?!? Zutara’s cool but I prefer Maiko or Jetko. But  HE HAS A SHIP!!!




I love him.


I couldn’t help myself.

– J. Coco


If you’ve watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, you probably love Zuko. Nah, scratch that, you DO love Zuko. Here’s a video with some good moments of our favorite Banished Prince. . .

Personally, my favorite is “That’s rough, buddy.”

Here’s some more…

Man, I love him.

But in the first video they didn’t add the clip of Zuko screaming at the lightning on the mountain top…And I couldn’t find another one on the internet. INTERNET WHY HAVE YOU FAILED ME?!?

[EDIT 3/18/13] I found Zuko screaming on the mountain!

zuko mountain 1 zuko mountain 2 zuko mountain 3 zuko mountain 4 zuko mountain 5 zuko mountain 6

Oh, heck, to make me feel better lets sprinkle in some Phil Collins… and a little Sokka.

If I were an emotional person, I would probably be crying.

Aaaaannd a picture just because I think Zuko is so sexy…

aaannnd another…


You know you enjoyed this…

-J. Coco