College has required me to make the minutest of adjustments to my lifestyle.  There are the obvious huge ones, with living away from home and learning to take care of yourself.  But there are little things I didn’t expect:

I use Chapstick now, because when I walk outside my lips get chapped from the cold air.  I never really had that problem before.

I use power strips.  I do it mostly for the surge protection, not the extended reach or the extra outlets.  I never cared about power surges before, but are they more likely to happen here?  I think one did happen in my room once.  The outlets are a little shady, tough to put things in and falling out of the walls and all that.

Clothing is something I always worried would be a difficult adjustment for me, since I was used to school uniforms, but really all I’m wondering is, how many days in a row is it acceptable to wear the same sweatshirt?

Taking all of my medicine every day is a challenge, not because I forget altogether but because my ritualistic ways of doing things means that if I forget to take it at the right time in the routine, I have to put it off until later or start the whole routine over.  Meaning, when this happens, the medicine usually doesn’t get taken.  It’s just my asthma medicine…no biggie, right…?

I have to actually think about the socks I put on.  Right now, the ones I have on are too thin and have holes in the heels.  I didn’t care about holey socks before, but when you have to walk around a campus it pays to protect your feet.  I was too lazy to find the thick socks today, so I figured these would suffice.  And they will, but I’m trying not to wear them out so much that I lose yet another pair of quality socks.

I don’t know if worrying about the minutiae is normal or if that’s just part of my personality, but it has definitely affected my daily life.  Did I worry about things like that before, when I lived at home and went to regular old day school, and never noticed because it was so familiar?  Yeah, I’m gonna go with “probably.”

– K-tosh