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This cannot happen.  I won’t allow it.

You see that 3DS?  Yeah, it’s light blue.  It’s legit, and it’s for Japan.  That 3DS is my FAVORITE COLOR.  It’s not even an XL.  Being an XL would have somehow made this more tolerable.  So I keep looking at my beautiful, aqua blue 3DS and focusing on appreciating what I have.

That’s right, it’s huge, so that we can focus on it.  But in real life, it looks so green in comparison.

Aqua blue 3DS, you are beautiful!  No matter what they say!


P.S.: To anyone who’s out there saying “At least you have a 3DS, jerkmonger,” well yeah, I agree with you.  I apologize wholeheartedly for this moment of snobbery.


It comes back into your life, without warning, when you thought you’d never see it grace your television screen on a twice-weekly basis ever again:

I’ll just pause to let that sink in.

(Commence Fangirling)


Let me take you back to a sadder time.  It was November 27, 2012, and you could almost hear the hearts of two young girls breaking, as the suave Derek Hough was denied his rightful place as the Champion of Dancing with the Stars All Stars.  To make matters worse, it was going to be his last season.  The one season in the past where Derek took time off (season 12) was just not the same.  We They may not have even continued to follow the show without Derek.  But the girls never lost hope!  They knew Derek would be back in their lives someday.

And that day is upon us.

Turns out “the two young girls” (Spoiler alert, that was J. Coco and me, K-Tosh) got all worked up for nothing, and then got all worked up (in a more joyful sense) for something again, because Derek is back, baby!  And better than ever (hard to do)!!!  While we will definitely be seeing his new movie whenever that comes out, and whatever we have to do to get our hands on it, we are SO EXCITED to see Derek back in ballroom action.  You should have seen Coco’s face this morning.  Priceless.

The two of us checked out the new cast at school this morning, and when were caught off-guard by Derek’s name…it was certainly a special moment.  Naturally, we had to tell our whole table, much to their chagrin.  And, in the process, half of the cafeteria, who most likely judged us hard.

Let’s run through the cast of Season 16, shall we?  I’ve included their pictures from the ABC website so you don’t have to click through that slide show.

Aly Raisman/Mark Ballas

One of the few stars this season that I’ve actually heard of, Aly was one of America’s gymnastics heroes at the London Olympic Games last summer.  With a team gold, a balance beam bronze, and a floor exercise gold under her belt, all she needs is a Mirror Ball Trophy.  Sounds a bit like one of Mark’s former partners…

Andy Dick/Sharna Burgess

This guy is a comedian and an actor who has appeared as a guest star in many popular movies and tv shows.  He will be dancing with Sharna, a pro from the troupe.  There are several new pros moving up from the troupe this season.

D.L. Hughley/Cheryl Burke

Ooh!  He’s got Cheryl.  Automatic contender.  It’s time for her to actually do some damage again.  Oh year, D.L. is an apparently popular stand-up comedian.

Brace yourselves, “keep it on the D.L.” jokes are coming.

Dorothy Hamill/Tristan MacManus

Tristan is such a reverse cougar.  He always gets the old ladies.  But this one was an athlete, a figure skater nonetheless, so they may have a fighting chance.  She’s an Olympic gold medal winner (1976)!

Ingo Rademacher/Kym Johnson

His name is just fun to say.  He’s from the show General Hospital (like a football player and a Disney star, there will always be a soap star).  His sons names are Peanut and Pohaku.  Peanut Rademacher!  Pohaku Rademacher!  So fun!  Definitely a contender for his looks, his youth, and his experienced partner.

Jacoby Jones/Karina Smirnoff

Here’s our football player.  He’s from the Super Bowl Champions, the Baltimore Ravens.  Whoo hoo chest bump.  It seems Karina’s being rewarded for years of pretending to like her partners (although I think J.R. grew on her and improved her character), because I’m thinking this guy’s going to be pretty cool.  Coco and I are probably going to argue about this one though, because apparently she likes Karina, and I can’t stand her.  Good thing we can still agree on someone else…

Kellie Pickler/DEREK HOUGH

I’m calling it now, this team will win.  She seems sweet, but edgy.  I actually know nothing about her, except that she’s a country singer.  I didn’t even know that she had been on American Idol.  I probably saw her on Ellen once.  Regardless, I bet she’ll be an okay dancer that Derek can transform into a wonderful dancer.  She’s the kind of star that should actually be in this competition: not too popular, not too D-list, a giving person (she has performed on USO tours on more than one occasion), someone who’s profession doesn’t really involve dance training…I mean, I love Sabrina Bryan, and she should have one, but really, dancing is her job.  But I digress.

And a picture of Derek, just because.

“Here comes the Smolder…”

Lisa Vanderpump/Gleb Savchenko

This celebrity was the one our friends were actually interested to hear about.  A Beverly Hills real housewife?  Coco says it’s against ABC’s policy of family-friendly standards to have a star from a show with values like those of the Real Housewives series, but here’s Lisa Vanderpump.  Her children’s names are Pandora and Maxfield.  As for Gleb, apparently he’s not from the troupe.  But he was eliminated the first week from DWTS Australia.  Hopefully he can do better this time around.  I’m including a picture, for the sake of hotness.

I’m looking forward to Gleb.

Victor Ortiz/Lindsay Arnold

Victor is a boxing champ.  Lindsay is not from the troupe.  Hmmm…I’m not too excited for these two.  But surprises do happen, I mean, take this morning, for example. *sigh*

 Wynonna Judd/Tony Dovolani

Another pair with fun names!  Also, I just want to say in advance that I will be spelling Wynonna wrong frequently.  Wynonna is a country singer.  I have heard of her, she’s considerably famous, especially with the older crowd.  Expect her to become questionably popular.  She also looks like she could be the wild one (or do I mean WILD CARD?!?) this season.

Zendaya Coleman/Val(entin) Chmerkovskiy

Fun fact!  Her tv brother is played by Roshon Fegan, a DWTS alum!  Second fun fact!  I didn’t know her last name was Coleman!  Zendaya is from the show Shake It Up on Disney Channel, which is a hit among the elementary school crowd but not so much anyone older than that.  The more mature set (or maybe it’s just me) stick with Good Luck Charlie and Austin and Ally.  Third fun fact!  They should have picked Ross Lynch (Austin) instead, who is Derek Hough’s cousin and hot.  She’s only 16, but she’ll be dancing with Val, who oozes sex.  Should be interesting to watch.  I bet some middle aged women are going to be mad/confused/jealous.

Why can’t my hair look like that?

And once more, for the hotness:

Derek and Ross.  Ohhh yeah.

That’s pretty much how I feel about this season of Dancing with the Stars.  I’m ready to go!

Stosh doesn’t like DWTS, and that’s ok, because we accept those who are different from ourselves, but as you can see, we’re clearly shunning her from this blog.  Just kidding.  She’s just in a time-consuming relationship with Netflix right now.  But you can stay tuned for more DWTS posts from J. Coco and me!

The new season starts Monday, March 18 at 8:00!  I’m so exciiiiiiiited!!!!!

– K-Tosh

If you haven’t seen Hook, then find it now and watch it. It’s a fantastic 90’s sequel to Peter Pan. Captain Hook kidnaps Peter Pan’s kids to get revenge – but the grown up Peter can’t remember his past in Neverland! Peter goes on a comical adventure back to Neverland to rescue his kids and rediscover his past.
hook movie cover

I love this movie for SO many reasons but I’ve come up with my 10 best! Enjoy and reminisce!

1. When the Lost Boys Recognize that Peter is Peter

This moment right here. It’s so pure and beautiful. I love it. It’s one of my favorites of the movie.

2. Dante Basco as Rufio.

dante basco hook

Lets get real here: Dante Basco should have been #1. But I didn’t want my fangirling to bias this post…completely. But what can I say? Just looks at him. Dang. And his voice? DAAAAANG. Not that this has anything to do with the fact that I am – and will forever be – in love with Zuko from A:TLA, the character he voices. Noooo, not at all.

But I do have one thing to say: What’s with Rufio’s belly shirt?? It’s awkward.





3. Name Calling

Just to name a few…

Peter: Substitute chemistry teacher. 
Rufio: Mung tongue. 
Peter: Math tutor. 
Rufio: Pinhead. 
Peter: Prison barber. 
Rufio: Mother lover. 
Peter : Nearsighted gynecologist.

OH MY GOD. WATCH THIS. It’s a voice over of the name calling scene from Hook in Avatar.

Literally this is the best thing in the world. Listen closely to the dialogue- there are some seriously funny insults. My favorite line is “Don’t mess with me, man! I’M A LAWYER!”

I’m dying over here.

4. Robin Williams as Peter

robin williams hook

You can’t get funnier than Robin Williams. Period. He sneaks in these perfect under the radar lines that you have to be paying close attention to hear. He’s a genius.

5. How the Lost Boys Fight/Thud ball.

You gotta love it when kids fight with weapons that aren’t weapons. Eggs, gumballs, mirrors, sling shots, paint, a human bowling ball- wonderful! And so comical!

But you can’t argue- Thud ball’s the best.

6. Maggie Smith as Wendy.

maggie smith hook

Like a boss. She’s perfect in every roll she plays. I had the privilege of first meeting her as Professor McGonagall in the Harry Potter series. But since then I have seen many of her older and newer works. She so sweet and Grandmotherly and Wendy-like in Hook. Everything she touches is gold.

7. Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook


I mean, the man plays a great Captain Hook. The narcissism and delivery of the character is just right. I think his best scene is between Hook and Smee when Hook is holing the gun to his own head. Hook is saying: “Don’t try to stop me. Don’t you dare try to stop me, Smee. Don’t stop me. Stop me. Smee, stop me. STOP ME. Don’t ever do that to me again!”

Also the man rocks the twisted mustache, just sayin’.

8. Pirate Baseball


9. Bob Hoskins as Smee


Okay, Bob Hoskins has played the character Smee on more than one occasion. Another Smee performance is in the mini series Neverland. He’s good there too. There’s something about Bob Hoskins that I can’t help but like. If you don’t recognize him (you should!!) he’s also the blind dwarf in Snow White and the Huntsman and Eddie the detective in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

10. That moment when you realize Glenn Close, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Phil Collins make cameos. 

This is real.

glenn close in hook

Yes, THAT is Glenn Close. She’s on the far left with Robin Williams in the middle, and Dustin Hoffman on the right.

gwyneth paltrow in hook

Gwyneth Paltrow plays young Wendy. She has no lines, but, none the less, is there.

phil collins in hook

Phil Collins. You can’t really tell but that’s him in the middle. He’s the inspector.

Thanks for reading! And remember, “to live would be a grand adventure as well.”


If you forgot this, remember it.

– J. Coco

If you were one of the many people who tuned into the 26th season of Survivor on Wednesday night, then you were not disappointed! Or at least I wasn’t.

The Fans Tribe looked like a promising bunch of people and I was surprised at how well the Favorites hit it off.

The first challenge was fun to watch. I think the Favorites knew to look for a strategy to outsmart the game. I mean their past experience was quite an advantage. They won, no surprise, and had a big lead in the immunity challenge until Fan Reynold blew Malcolm out of the water at the last minuet with the bean bags…

After the devastating loss (and some people losing their pants), the Favorites had to vote some one off! Oh no! At this point I was praying that none of my favorites would be the first to go. And, honestly, being the first voted off is the biggest humiliation you could face. Like at all. Especially if you’re a Favorite.

Some alliances had started to form and Andrea was acting as a double agent! (O.o) Her name was thrown around at tribal and she got what she deserved. You can’t go into Survivor thinking that you can trick six former players into being in a false alliance. Just no. That’s just foolish. But I respect Andrea for trying to make a move. Aliening with Phillip on the other hand might come back to bite her. Phillip’s still a little of a loose cannon.

Speaking of Phillip, was anyone amused when he said he was going to attempt Boston Rob-esque moves? I certainly was. And I was even more amused when Cochran picked up on it! Erik was no fool either (oh the irony of his last season…) Cochran or Erik. Those two are the people I want to see go far. Erik is just awesome. Plain and simple. But Cochran? I love him to death. Every time he opens his mouth to talk I fall in love with him again. He so endearing. And also I didn’t think anyone could get as sunburned as he did…He’s my little tomato! Okay, now I’m getting kind of creepy and I’m scaring myself…

OKAY. So the vote at tribal ended up being…

*cue drum roll*

FranchescaFRANCESCA! How embarrassing. I mean it’s humiliating enough to be voted out first once, but TWICE? That’s just not right. She’s the first to do it. I knew she shouldn’t have come back…

So that leaves the game as thus:

.                                                             Favorites              Fans

Tribe Members                                      9                           10

Reward Challenges Won                     1                            0

Immunity Challenges Won                 0                           1

Epic Sunburns                                         1                           0


But one last thing…

Remember in my meet the cast post that I said there was a guy from Cincinnati on the fans tribe (Matt*, the guy with the tattoos and long flaming red beard)? Well there’s actually TWO guys from Cincinnati!! How exciting! I wonder if they’ll bond or form an alliance later on? Probably not anytime soon. The second guy is Reynold – the guy that was a boss at the bag throwing (and the guy that was hooking up with that girl at night…). Here grew up in Cincy but now lives in California. And in even stranger news – I know him! No, not directly, but he is my mom’s friend’s daughter’s fiancee’s best friend! Wild! When I told Stosh** this she replied: “Of course you would know the guy from Cincinnati on Survivor.”  But I mean, what can I say? Cincinnati’s got it going on apparently.

* Side note on Matt: Apparently Matt won a national free-style beard styling competition a year or so ago. Interesting. We Just Plane Tosh-ers love beards…

** Stosh? What’s a Stosh you may ask? Well, I’ll tell you, she’s missing! She’s been gone for 5 months. If you see her, please contact me (J. Coco) or K-Tosh. The internet misses her and her waffle posts are getting lonely.

OH! One last thing! I promise this time!

In my earlier post I also mentioned in a post script my thoughts about a celebrity version of Survivor. Well guess what? They’re actually considering doing a celebrity version! GAH! Personally I think survivor is too good a game to be ruined by attention hogging celebrities. And where would the money go? Charity? Not like we haven’t seem that a million times. Neil Patrick Harris mentioned his interest to Survivor host Jeff Probst. We’ll have to see where this goes. Believe me, if I hear anything, I’ll report back here.

Okay, I’m done! I’ll be back sometime with more Survivor updates!

– J. Coco



Stosh gave me this today (yes, she still exists) (yes, we have real names but she referred to us as Stosh and K-Tosh even in real life).

This is the back:

photo (1)-K-Tosh

p.s.: Happy Galentine’s Day…I’ll leave it to Stosh to explain that one (although she probably won’t).

Pokemon Valentines are SO CUTE. I saw all of these on Pokememes today. Enjoy! =D

Notice…that’s the new Eevee-lution (*squee*)!

This Chansey, Raichu, and Rattata are the ultimate cuteness.


Somebody get Oak some glasses.

Is your love for that person UNOWN to them??

I highly recommend giving these to your significant other/person who is totally your boy/girlfriend and doesn’t know it yet today, because they will make that person instantly fall in love with you and marry you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dante Basco (a.k.a the awesome guy that voices Zuko from A:TLA and plays Rufio in Hook) has a Reddit!

And guess what he said….

1. His favorite line of Zuko’s from Avatar the Last Airbender? – “That’s rough, Buddy.”

And, I mean, you know, that just happens to be MY FAVORITE LINE EVER from my favorite character. Read my earlier post explaining my obsession  excitement.

2.  He ships Zutara. What is this madness?!?!? Zutara’s cool but I prefer Maiko or Jetko. But  HE HAS A SHIP!!!




I love him.


I couldn’t help myself.

– J. Coco