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I Didn't Know Nicki Minaj was in Thumbelina!

What a striking resemblence…
-J. Coco


Really, the show should be renamed Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. a Bunch of Former Players that Made Questionable Moves that Eventually Led to Their Demise.  But I can see how that would be a mouthful and hard to fit on the players’ Buffs.

The 26th season of Survivor features, for the second time, super fans of the show going head to head against some of their “favorite” recent players. All of the 10 “Favorites” have been featured in the last five seasons of the show with the exception of Erik and Corinne.


The Fans tribe has a predictable mix of characters that will keep the game interesting – The Marine, The Buff Guys, The Hillbilly, The Smarty-Pants, The Attractive Blondes, A Former Miss Missouri, and other stereo types. But there’s also a guy that reppin’ Cincinnati! Fan Matt. He’s the dude with the long beard…I’ll have to cheer for him.

Shall we meet the “Favorites”?


Survivor: Redemption Island; 8th Jury member

I remember she seemed sweet, but this time she says she’ll be more aggressive.

I don’t know that she deserves the title of a “Survivor Favorite,” but I’ll enjoy watching her play again.





 Survivor: South Pacific;  7th Jury member

He’s most noted for being the nephew of notorious former Survivor player Russel Hantz (who burned peoples’  socks and found hidden immunity idols without any clues). Brandon also was one of the two returning players  that gave up their individual immunity at tribal council. I wonder if he’ll play the less emotional and more  macho card this time.

I can see why they cast him- he’ll definitely stir up the game. As for a “favorite”… well, I bet he’s his mom’s favorite.



Survivor: Nicaragua; 3rd Jury member

I barely remember this girl even though I watched her season. She was quoted saying that this time she’ll try to be more sneaky and manipulative with her backstabbing moves.

She might be somebody’s favorite but not mine.





Survivor: South Pacific; 5th Jury member

On his season, which I very much enjoyed, Cochran was most noted for being the swing vote at the merged tribe’s first tribal council. The two tribes merged with even numbers and it looked like they were going into the vote with a tie. A tie would result with the dreaded rock picking tiebreaker. Whoever drew the rock would be immediately removed no matter if they had votes cast against them or not. There has been only one of these tiebreakers in Survivor history, in one of the earliest seasons. Cochran didn’t want this situation, so he switched alliances and joined the other tribe in their vote. Everyone then saw him as a traitor and was soon voted out.

Personally, Cochran is one of my favorites. Overall, I can’t quite put my finger on exactly why, but his respect for the game is admirable and his socially awkward interactions are endearing. I love this guy. Go Cochran!


Survivor: Gabon; 4th Jury member

I seriously have no idea who this chick is. I watched her season but I recall no memory of her. The fact that I didn’t even know she played this game should mean that she shouldn’t be considered a “favorite.” Does anyone remember who she is??





Survivor: South Pacific; 3rd Jury member

I have vague memories of this woman. She was sweet and not a dirty player from what I recall.

Her “favorite” status? Probably non existent.





Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites; 6th Jury member

Okay, this guy actually gets credit. I love him. So much. He was the enthusiastic, naive, and foolish clown that graced the television screens of millions. He was a joy to watch despite his crazy move that got him voted off. On his season, he was the only player (and male) left in the game along with a strong alliance of four women. That fateful week Erik won individual immunity and went into tribal council untouchable – that is until he gave up his individual immunity to Natalie, one of the women that was gunning for him. Thinking that they weren’t out to get him, he gave up his immunity and thought he was doing Natalie a favor by saving her (when she didn’t need saving).  They then voted him out, the foolish man he was. After the season was over at the Live Reunion Show, Erik was given the imaginary “stupid crown” by fellow cast mate and former player James (who originally crowned and deemed himself the “dumbest player ever” when he was blindsided and voted off the island taking with him TWO hidden immunity idols that he only had three weeks left to play). Erik hopes to redeem himself this time around.

There is no question of this guy’s “favorite” status. he was my favorite and I hope he goes far.


Survivor: Redemption Island; Last place. First person voted out.

On THE ONLY episode she was on, she fought pettily and endlessly with cast mate Phillip (who is also on this new season). She was feisty and will probably cause lots of drama – if she gets past the first vote.

She was on for ONE EPISODE!!! Why was she recast?? What kind of a fan base could she possibly have??!?? AGHH!

As you can probably tell, I’m most upset about this “favorite.”



Survivor: Philippines; 8th Jury member

He was on last season! An he did so well! I think he definitely would have won the million dollars if he made it to the finals with Skupin and Lisa instead of Denise.  Malcolm is a player to keep a close eye on. I expect he’ll make some big moves. If he plays a better social game and downplays his “threat status” among the other players, I think he’ll have an excellent chance at winning.

He’s a favorite. No question.



Survivor: Redemption Island; Final Three Contestant

Oh God. Phillip. What can I say? Who could possibly forget the “I’m a former secret agent” guy. If I had a dime for every time he brought it up…If he had a dime for every time he said it he wouldn’t need to play Survivor – he’d already be a millionaire! He fought with everyone too. He had no fear or shame using the race card either. Fool. Couldn’t he see that people only argued with him because he was slightly crazy? Anyone else remember the pink underwear he wore – the only clothes he wore!? They’re back… You can see them in the group picture. I’m a little afraid. Anyway, I’m surprised how well he did! He made it to the finals. And he’s the only one of the “favorites” to do so. I wonder if his strategy will change?

Favorite? Maybe. Of someone. But not of mine. There’s no question he’s interesting and entertaining to watch.


Again, I will stress that half these people are not true Survivor fan favorites. Our favorites are people like Boston Rob, Rupert, Amanda, James, Sophie, Bob, Cirie, Parvati, and many others that I couldn’t think off the top of my head. Granted, all these said people have played multiple times, but it’s their characters and the way they played the game that I love. I do not love most of these people that are on this season. Recent “Favorite” players exist! Most of them are just not in this cast. What about Kim? or Jane? Colton? (no matter how controversial he was) Shambo? Abi from last season?! (just kidding on that last one 😉 ) Don’t call these people favorites if they’re NOT FAVORITES! Seriously. Give the show a different subtitle. It’s misleading.

The 26th Season of Survivor, Survivor: Caramoan – Fans vs. Favorites, starts Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 at 8pm on CBS.

-J. Coco

P.S. Anyone else think a celebrity Survivor season would be absolutely hysterical? Just picture it. A Kardashian or Justin Bieber trying to live with bare essentials? Ha. But that would absolutely ruin the point of the show. I would NOT watch if they did that. But it’s just funny to think about. K Bye.

Hey friends! It’s K-Tosh again with the fifth installment of the Otaku Files! What’s that? What are the Otaku Files, you say?? You thought I discontinued those long ago, forsaking my promise to bring to the masses a Back-to-School edition?!? Oh, no, folks, you’ve never been more wrong.

Well, it’s not exactly a back-to-school edition anymore. The school year is halfway over now. But this is when things start to get tough! Or not. I needed this at the beginning of the year. But I digress.

After spending a long summer break winter break watching anime, catching up on your favorite manga, rewatching the same anime, rereading the same manga, drawing fanart, training Pokemon, and thinking about more manga, you might have some issues when you go back to school. For one,

“I don’t understand why I failed that test! I read the book…” *thinks about it* “Wait… that might have been The Prince of Tennis.”

Unless you want your grades to suffer, you have to accept the fact that you can’t just spend time doing whatever you want. I know, it’s sad. But it’s life. Life doesn’t accommodate for our obsessions. After school, you should study. Right? Riiight??? And think about what you would be going through if you actually were in a manga. You would be going to juku!!! JUKU! I mean, I wouldn’t, because I’m too old….. But if you’re a middle schooler… I, on the other hand, would be preparing for university entrance exams! That’s no fun either. (Sket Dance 198-200, anyone?) So strict in Japan. Now that you have a bit of relief (sorry if you’re reading this from Japan…), here’s a suggestion to help you get through this tough time:

  • Read one manga chapter or watch one episode of something each night.

That way you can get your fix and not flunk!

*sitting in History class* “I miss Sasuke sooooo much…He’s soooooo hot…..Unlike David Petraeus or whoever the @*$%!$# that is…” 

The phenomenon of animated characters being attractive always provides a riveting discussion (“Zuko’s hair length is directly proportional to the size of his muscles, but inversely proportional to the size of his ego” and so on), but let’s save that for another day. This section explores coping mechanisms for the painful separation anxiety experienced when you have to stare at pages and pages of words with NO PICTURES except boring ones:

Did you know that the Tang dynasty’s famous poet, Li Bai, wrote in a playful, easygoing style? More importantly, did you care? This page even has a picture of a cartooney boat!! Just to remind you of the fact that Naruto was on a boat once, and exciting stuff happened! Geez. But remember, you have to be there. So what do you do to make things a little more… interesting?

  • Let your teacher know just how much you’ve learned from manga. Feudal lords…you know about that from Naruto! Meiji era? You know about that from Rurouni Kenshin! It’s not just for history. In science, Fullmetal Alchemist references abound with the knowledge you have gained regarding the Law of Conservation of Mass! It’s great for religion classes too; you have characters named after all 7 deadly sins there, in case you weren’t aware. And “pander” was a vocab word…I found it in Bakuman and got extra credit in English, like a boss.
  • Use anime/manga related school supplies! Folders and things are relatively easy to find. Borders (RIP) used to sell pencils, notebooks, and the like… I use FMA and One Piece pencils.
  • Better yet, design your own. I made this for my history class:


  • DON’T become a distraction/be distracted. It’s pointless to waste your time at school if you’re not learning anything, so don’t read in class when you’re not allowed, don’t sneakily play games in class, etc.

“Ugh. I hate it when I have to try and wear actual clothes to school. I don’t even own one single Hollister top or pair of Pink sweatpants…”

Why are you trying so hard to fit in? If you like Hollister tops and Pink sweatpants, more power to you. But there is no reason why you need to let others decide what is or is not cool to wear to school (as long as you wear something…there are some serious boundaries here). Because embracing what you love instead of hiding it will make you happier, and it’s how you can find true friends, who like the real you. So if you go to a school where you can wear anything/fairly liberal dress code:

  • Wear t-shirts and sweatshirts with your favorite characters on them! This Pikachu sweatshirt from Hot Topic is so stinkin CUTE! 😀 And yes, I own one. I also have a Naruto shirt and a Durarara shirt that I can’t wear to school even on non-uniform days, because it has a guy smoking on it, and some stupid rule forbids drug-related imagery on clothing…so yeah, watch out for that. Weapons too.
  • On a side note, if you go to one of those schools where people don’t even carry a backpack (although if you’re reading this you’re probably a nerd and get lots of homework), you can get a cute bag with anime characters on it! Like the Pikachu one from Hot Topic…
  • If your school does have a uniform policy then you’re practically in an anime or manga! They always wear uniforms in the ones that feature kids in school!

“People will make fun of me if I do that stuff in public.”

This is an issue I’m pretty passionate about. Right now, I go to a school where people are very accepting of others’ obsessions – we have massive Dr. Who, Harry Potter, Pokemon, and Avatar fandoms – but I didn’t used to. It can be really hard to be happy doing what you love when other people make fun of you or tell you that you’re too old for it. This topic probably deserves its own Otaku File, but here are some suggestions in brief:

  • My best advice is to ignore them. There is seriously nothing wrong with being passionate about something you enjoy. You don’t have to be dancing Pat Monahan passionate, but you know, showing your interest in manga or anime is just a part of who you are. Also, expose yourself to people who approve of, share, or at least tolerate your interests (Right Stosh, Coco!?? *secret: J. Coco is into Pokemon now. I’m exploding with joy).
  • If somebody is making fun of you and it really, truly troubles you, even though you try to tell yourself how awesome I know you are, tell an adult. Please. Things will be better off if you get help in solving the problem. Nobody even expects teenagers to do everything on their own, even though it seems that way sometimes.
  • Watch this guy’s videos. His name is Chris, I discovered him through Pokememes, and he makes some seriously good stuff. It’s funny and he can relate to your struggles. Plus, he loves Pokemon!!! He’s like my hero.

I hoped my advice could help make your school year a little better! And hopefully the wait for Pokemon X and Y a little shorter!!! *fangirl scream* See you next time, in the sixth installment of…The Otaku Files. *theme song plays ominously*

– K-Tosh

P.S.: Abra used teleport.

If you’ve watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, you probably love Zuko. Nah, scratch that, you DO love Zuko. Here’s a video with some good moments of our favorite Banished Prince. . .

Personally, my favorite is “That’s rough, buddy.”

Here’s some more…

Man, I love him.

But in the first video they didn’t add the clip of Zuko screaming at the lightning on the mountain top…And I couldn’t find another one on the internet. INTERNET WHY HAVE YOU FAILED ME?!?

[EDIT 3/18/13] I found Zuko screaming on the mountain!

zuko mountain 1 zuko mountain 2 zuko mountain 3 zuko mountain 4 zuko mountain 5 zuko mountain 6

Oh, heck, to make me feel better lets sprinkle in some Phil Collins… and a little Sokka.

If I were an emotional person, I would probably be crying.

Aaaaannd a picture just because I think Zuko is so sexy…

aaannnd another…


You know you enjoyed this…

-J. Coco