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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

Thanksgiving Day is a major American holiday devoted to giving thanks for everything each of us has! And more importantly, for eating enormous amounts of the year’s most delicious food and getting amazing deals on Christmas presents!! Ok, so maybe that’s not more important. But at least we do it all with our families, and that’s what this holiday’s about.

Another big part of Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City. I’ve watched it every year for as long as I (K-Tosh) can remember, and I never get tired of it. Even Google’s excited. I’m going to do a real-time commentary about what I like, what I think is cool, etc. And no, I’m not actually there (CBS ftw!).

9:22 a.m.: Martina McBride just did an awesome performance of her song “This One’s for the Girls,” and the parade is about to get underway. I saw a Hello Kitty balloon earlier that looked really cute, so I can’t wait to see that one. I’ll also be on the lookout for my annual favorite, Pikachu! ^_^  And there are bound to be plenty of other surprises too, I’m sure. Here we go!

9:30: A woman in a Pilgrim hat just did the “Turkey Leg.” And Charlie Brown is behind her! Charlie Brown and Kung-Fu Panda in the same place…only in America.  This is unrelated to the parade, but there was just a commercial for a Spongebob Christmas special on CBS? I’ll have to check that out.

9:41:  Some guy is making a delicious looking apple pie. Where is my parade? I can’t just look at this pie. I want to eat it.

9:54: Awwwww!!! A baby in a turkey outfit!

9:58: Canned cranberry sauce. “Cranberry circles.”

and here’s a funny, related video:

10:01: Does anyone else think this is a little creepy? Cloe the Holiday Clown:

And if it’s a holiday clown, why are they playing “God Bless America” in the background?! And they have Uncle Sam and Mt. Rushmore not far after that…

There’s my Hello Kitty! Flying an airplane. This is a new version of Helly Kitty. The broadcaster called her a “jetsetter,” haha.

10:05: That’s a pretty cool Spider-Man. Haha, the crowd is singing his theme song!

10:12: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH IT’S PIKACHU my favoritttttte!!! It lights up! IT’S SO COOOOOL. Normally I have to wait until the end to see Pikachu or I oversleep or something but this time, I saw it! Ha Ha! Man he’s cute. This balloon wants to be the very best, like no one ever was, and it literally accomplishes that. The first balloon to EVER light up! Even the outfits of the handlers are great.

And the Flying Pikachu card comes to life!

10:19: Switching to NBC now (NBC ftw!! Lollolol). There’s more actual parade coverage here. And maybe I’ll get to see Pikachu TWICE!

10:20: Whoa! Jimmy Fallon! That was unexpected! Singing “We Will Rock You” with The Roots, on a Gibson Guitar float. Wow! This is going to be one of my favorites this year. Just a small pic:

10:25: It appears that NBC has much more coverage of the actual parade, instead of doing random interviews. These Mexican dancers are beautiful!

10:39: An elementary school choir just sang “Home” by Phillip Phillips and did a great job! And they just said Neon Trees and Power Rangers are coming up. The anticipation…

10:43: The Power Rangers were indeed interesting.


I love it that they’re playing the theme song in the background!

11:06: Businessmen? Lolwut? That’s awesome.

11:11: Things are getting weirder by the minute.

11:12: Ohh yeah!!! Kool-Aid Man!

11:21: Unicycle basketball!?! Well now I’ve seen everything. And Sonic the Hedgehog, woo!

11:49: Play that swanky rendition, background band. You got a friend in Buzz Lightyear. I know I did. This parade is like my whole childhood rolling down the street. And wow, a Goldfish (crackers) float?! That’s kind of cute. I also think it’s a little weird, but whatever…and it’s got Jennette McCurdy on it. She is so different from Sam in real life.

11:55: What does this Delta float have to do with Delta? I like it though, sometimes I wish I was a cute little skater like that, on a little frozen pond in a scarf and gloves, surrounded by pine trees…ahhh…

11:58: And here’s Santa Claus, which means we know the parade is over. This is another of my favorite floats. I’m glad he’s not just a balloon.  This Santa is a real man, with Mrs. Claus and his elves, and some “snow” (confetti), and awesome reindeer flying over the houses.

Thanks for reading! It’s been a fun way to kick off the holiday season. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving! The JPTers are thankful for you readers, and for each other. What are you thankful for?


Sorry for the leave of absence but JPT and J. Coco are back!

Okay, so a few weeks ago, a friend of JPT showed us this AWESOME video. She watched it in her Calculus class and she knew it would be a hit among the JPT trio and our equally wonderful friends. Needless to say- she was right.

It’s a video about making Hexaflexagons! And if you’re wondering what the heck a hexaflexagon is (which I’m assuming you are), it’s a hexagon that flexes! Vague, I know. But watch the video!! It’s mind-blowing and the chick that makes it is hysterical.

Cool, right? Well there’s also a part two!

And a Hexaflexagon safety guide

Hexaflexagons are super amusing and I can’t stop myself from flipping and flipping and flipping and flipping and flipping – well you get the point. As of right now I can only make the simple one but some of our other friends are better at it and can make the more developed ones. I strongly encourage you to make the more developed ones; They’re way more fun to play with. Then you can put all kinds of cool patterns on them and watch them change while they flip. Now go out and make a Hexaflexagon and tell all your friends!

– J. Coco

Seiji Amasawa Seiji Amasawa SEIJI AMASAWA!!!!!!!

That’s Seiji Amasawa of Whisper of the Heart fame, for those of you who don’t know.

Seiji Amasawa is an amateur violin maker/player who aims to become a professional.  The movie is technically about the girl, but honestly, Seiji is the most interesting thing about it (it’s a really good movie though – I would recommend it to people who like Castle in the Sky and My Neighbor Totoro, but it’s not fantasy).

I technically didn’t discover him, I saw him on Disney Channel.

One more picture, just because I think this movie is cute:

I love it that they’re singing “Take Me Home, Country Roads.”

– K-Tosh

*P.S.: Americans – don’t forget to vote!! And we’re praying for everyone affected by Sandy!!!

K-Tosh here. Wondering why we haven’t posted in one month and three days? (I didn’t think so) Well, it was because we were watching this:


and this:

Ok, that isn’t really why.  But we have been watching.  And loving this All Star season!  Except for one thing…

Why Sabrina?!?!? She’s Cheetahlicious!!  How can America not vote for that!??!  Just because she starred in a tween movie series six years ago is no reason she shouldn’t have fans………..

Sabrina Bryan had her first perfect score this week. And even partner Louis van Amstel was on fire, rocking that blue plaid and managing not to drop anyone (on camera at least). Let’s take a look at Sabrina’s scores before her elimination (out of a possible 30):

Week One: 22.5 (yes, for anyone who normally watches but for some reason isn’t this year, they have half points now)

Week Two: 26

Week Three: 22.5

Week Four: 27 (Paula Abdul’s vote means nothing to me)

Week Five: 29 (individual dance), 29.5 (team dance)

Week Six – Untimely Exit: 30.

Ummm, excuse me?

Now, I never expected her to do this well. I wouldn’t have been surprised if she was eliminated before week four, when she was riding the middle of the pack. But now? Of all times? She has definitely gotten back up to speed. All we have to blame is the Week Six curse: curiously, Sabrina Bryan was eliminated in Week Six in her first DWTS appearance, at a time when she was clearly the frontrunner. Thus leading to the practice of voting to prevent a “Sabrina Incident,” where one must always vote for the one they find the best, even if the couple’s victory seems like a sure thing. And I tried to vote for Sabrina (and my favorite celebrity, Apolo Ohno, who was the last one to be declared safe…scary), but Tom Bergeron informed me that “the voting window in your time zone has closed”…heh heh…..I thought it was open for two hours after the show. So I guess I can blame myself.

Like I said, I jumped into blogging this suddenly, but I have watched every week.  I’ll try to keep up with the posts as well.  Which means I will also keep you updated on a little contest J.Coco and I have going on (Stosh doesn’t watch DWTS…even though ballroom dancing is very in right now…..).

Beginning with Week 2, Coco and I predicted the ranks of all the couples, with “1” meaning first place and “twelve” meaning second-to-last place (Pamela was a dead giveaway).  Then, we get a score based on the difference between our ranking and the actual ranking.  The person with the lowest score wins Ultimate Grand Supreme Bragging Rights/Proverbial Mirror Ball Trophy until the next season.

Couple                                     J.Coco’s ranking                K-Tosh’s ranking                   Actual Ranking

Shawn and Derek                                1                                                1

Joey and Kym                                      8                                               9                                                12

Sabrina and Louis                               5                                               6                                                 8

Kelly and Valentin                              9                                                7

Kirstie and Maks                                 10                                             10

Melissa and Tony                                 7                                              8

Gilles and Peta                                       2                                             3

Apolo and Karina                                 3                                              2

Emmitt and Cheryl                              4                                              5

Drew and Anna                                     11                                           11                                             11

Helio and Chelsie                                  6                                            4                                              10

Bristol and Mark                                   12                                          12                                             9

Which brings the current scores to

Me: 14                 J.Coco: 14

A tie!! But she had the lead until this week. >_>

So who do you think will win??! Apolo?? Derek?? Harold Wheeler??? The FANS!??!? Me? Coco?

– K-Tosh