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Monthly Archives: September 2012

I’m supposed to be studying for 2 or 3 tests right now, but something has come up that is more urgent than all of that!

I just found out that one of the most amazing anime series ever, SKET DANCE, is ENDING.


Rather, it already has ended, but you see, I don’t pay to be a premium member on Crunchyroll and all that. So for me, it’s going to end next week. NEXT WEEK. 7 DAYS AND IT’S ALL OVER.

How can you leave me, Sket Dance, when I need you most of all?

It’s not really over though, because I suppose I’ll have new chapters of the manga……..

Every good thing has to end some time, and unfortunately those of us in the anime/manga world experience that all too often. So how should we deal with it? I’ve come up with some foolproof strategies:

  • Watch the second to last episode (while crying my eyes out the entire time).
  • Begin reading the manga online. Probably even from the beginning.
  • Re-watch the entire anime from the beginning. It’s only 77 episodes. *sheds a tear*
  • Relive my favorite moments. For example, I’ll sing “Quettion, Quettion, I am Enigman!” every time somebody says the word “Question.” *sheds another tear for nostalgia*

  • Constantly refer to the series in question. ……..Quettion, Quettion, I am Enigman…..*bawling*
  • Create a set of Sket Dance (or, insert any series that is leaving you) school supplies! (I did once promise a Back To School Otaku Files, and I didn’t forget about it)
  • Eat, drink, breathe, dream SKET (again, insert what you want).
  • Most importantly of all: Set aside a special time to watch the last episode.

This is something I’ve gone through before, of course (Fullmetal Alchemist, anybody?), but it seems hard every time. I mean, I was just getting to know you, Sket Dance! Why are you leaving me so soon, Bossun, Switch, Himeko!? What will happen to you!!??!

This kind of heartbreak is the persistent nemesis of the otaku, so I knew this topic was an absolute necessity for the so aptly named Otaku Files. I would venture to say that this happens to everyone with an obsession. I just wish it didn’t have to come so soon! And don’t we all… It’s ok, we’ll get through this together, guys~!


– K-Tosh


After 10 long years, the time has come…

Matchbox Twenty has a new album!

Of course, there was an EP in there in 2007. And considering it produced two hit singles (“How Far We’ve Come,” “These Hard Times”), it was fairly significant. It’s not like I listened to the other albums in their entirety until a year or two ago, but growing up, the band’s hits were some of my favorite songs. Anyway, I (and the band’s middle-aged-Floridian-female demographic) couldn’t wait for this.

I listened to the whole CD straight through the first time. Here’s a sample of what I thought when I first heard it:

Overjoyed: Ok, so I’ve already heard this on Good Morning America. Let’s see if the studio recording is anything like the live version. ……… Yep. Pretty much the same. This is such a sweet song!!!

Our Song: Ew, Taylor Swift song name. I’ll give it a chance, though. ………. Hey, this is pretty good! …… Yeah! This is awesome!! ………… OH YEAH! THIS SONG IS GREAT! ……………. (dancing) “THIS CAN BE OUR SONG, THIS CAN BE OUR SONG! DOO DOO DOO DOO DO DO DO”

English Town: Ooh, mysterious. I can picture all this fog…and an English town…

Radio: Hey, this song has a catchy beat! It makes me want to channel the spirit of Derek Hough and do a jive! (attempting a jive) This song is also so true…we do hear songs on the radio that stay with us through our lives. And almost every day we talk about something we heard on the radio before school. Yep, so true.

The Way: Whoa, who is that?! (consulting insert) Oh, Kyle Cook? (As in, the band switched lead singers midway through the album) Ok…not bad…redundant though. (Over time, I’ve grown to like this song and Kyle’s voice)

Like Sugar: OMG! This is the perfect DIETING ANTHEM!

Sleeping at the Wheel: This is definitely the deepest track on here. It’s kinda religious, but more about feeling like you can’t identify with your religion anymore. But, you still want to. I think I know what he means. I feel that way sometimes.

Bonus Track, I Believe in Everything: This song is catchy! And I love the message too! Believing despite all the odds…

So overall, I give this album a 9.99999999/10. It can’t be perfect. I don’t like this one as much as MB20’s  other 3 albums + EP (those round up to 10/10 fo’ sho’), but I’m impressed that they were even able to release a new CD after all this time; much less, a good one. So I recommend it to everyone looking for some fun, relaxing music!

– K-Tosh 🙂

Edit: I can’t resist, I have to analyze the smilies again. That one is such a creeper face.

Shucks Howdy! Once again, it’s time for Big Shot! Time to inform all ya’ll 300,000 bounty hunters in the solar system about what’s been goin’ down in JPT’s world!

Back to School! 

  • The fact that we’ve gone back to school means that (I’m guessing) we will have less time to write! Yay! (of course, it might bring on a whole new variety of topics we can pollute the internet with our thoughts on…stay tuned.)
  • I’ll be bringing you an all new super-fun back-to-school related edition of the Otaku Files in the coming days/weeks/months/years! (it will certainly feel like that last one) And yeah, I know I introduced that enigma in which “back-to-school” and “super-fun” are included in the same sentence. Just go with it.

I Am Currently Obsessed with the Band fun.

  • Love their song Some Nights.
  • And their entire album, Some Nights.
  • Don’t get me wrong. I love those on all nights.
  • Stosh claims this means I’m going indie.

This Girl Is Awesome

  • We three here at JPT have been known (if only to ourselves) to do some pretty eccentric things to solve some pretty odd problems. This here, courtesy of Passing Otaku, sounds exactly like something one of us would do. And since I’m too lazy busy to write my own posts, I bring you: Cookies, And A Hidden Agenda. The title says it all.

That’s it this week on Big Shot!! Tune in next time!!!

– K-Tosh, regretting that that was all she had to share with you.

p.s.: Imagine all this with a country-western theme and you’ll see what I was getting at. Maybe.

Hey everyone! I know my “Weekly Waffle” segment hasn’t been so weekly.  Maybe I should call it the “Bi-Monthly Waffle,” but that’s not nearly as catchy.  Don’t you hate it when life gets in the way of your blogging?

Anyways, even though I haven’t exactly been keeping up with blogging, I have been making waffles pretty regularly.  So hopefully within the next few days I’ll be able to share my newest creations with you.  The first one is the S’Mores Waffle, as promised.  I made this one in early August.  At this point, I basically stopped trying to make a healthy waffle.  So this is a waffle for anyone with a sweet tooth.


I used the basic Whole Foods waffle mix that I’ve been using with the same recipe.  I put chocolate chips in the batter and topped it with several different ingredients: marshmallows, powdered sugar, chocolate whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and more chocolate chips (I really like chocolate).  The marshmallows were the first toppings I used , and I actually put the waffle in the microwave for about 15 seconds with the marshmallows so that they would get all warm and puffy.  I would have loved to put some marshmallow sauce on it as well, but unfortunately, I didn’t have any.

The marshmallows were from Whole Foods as well.  They are called Dandies and they’re entirely vegan!  I hadn’t eaten marshmallows ever since I found out they had gelatin in them, so I was ecstatic to find these.  And they taste just as delicious as regular marshmallows, so I definitely recommend them.  The rest of the waffle isn’t vegan, though.  It contains eggs and dairy products (I’m not actually vegan, I’m just one of those vegetarians who doesn’t eat gelatin).

Thanks for reading.  I hope to be back soon with more waffles.  I’d love to see all your waffle recipes/creations!