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Monthly Archives: August 2012

So last weekend my sister went off to college. She’s a freshman this year, attending a school 3 hours away. And after almost 17 years of living with her, arguing with her, competing with her for our parents approval, and hearing too many times: “Oh you’re Rachel’s sister?” all I can say is: FINALLY!

I know, it sounds a little messed up. You’d think I’d miss her terribly and all that jazz but I must admit, there are more perks for me with this new lifestyle. Terrible, I know. But, hey, if you’ve had an older sibling go off to college, something like this has probably crossed your mind too.

So I’ve compiled a list of my new so-called “perks”

1. Exclusive use of “our” bathroom. We are two girls sharing one bathroom. Enough said.

2. Exclusive use of “our” car. If you’re wondering why “our” is in quotations, I can assure you that even though the car is “ours,” it was not shared. She is older and her argument was that of seniority. But now it is mine. MWAHAHA!

3. Use of her clothes. While she’s gone, she’ll never know that I borrowed a few of her clothes from time to time. Or everyday…

4. No more Harry Potter teasing. I’ve told her it’s a crime, but she could never grasp that making fun of Harry Potter fans is a HUGE no-no. Now I can relish in my obsession without hearing “dork” or “loser”. That in itself is beautiful.

5. More storage space. It’s not like she’ll be using her room in the next few months… I see no reason to waste perfectly good storage space…

6. FREEDOM. Heck, now I can blast Coldplay throughout the house, lay on the whole couch, watch Harry Potter everyday of the week, pick the music in the car, choose the GOOD television shows, and I don’t even have to share the tub of ice cream my mom brings home.

This year’s going to be a good one.

– J. Coco


I’ll call it retrogression because it’s definitely an old habit of mine. Boredom makes me do all sorts of whackjob things, so it was only a matter of time before spending seven or eight hours alone every day would do me in somehow. The higher-than-recommendable amounts of sugar, salt, caffeine, and sugar-free watermelon gum I’ve been consuming during that hardcore week-long “me time” session have apparently pushed me so close to the edge that it only took one little thing to make me break…

Here I am, trying to watch a video online in peace (Clannad After Story episode 2, for anyone in the anime circuit), when the darn thing won’t load. “Buffering, Buffering, Buffering, spinspinspinspinspin.” Ok. That’s fine. Or it would be. But I ended up doing something I shouldn’t do.

I looked in my “candy bin.” The way I put it in quotes makes it seem like some sort of gangsta slang for “medicine cabinet” or some other kind of stash of illegal substances, but no, I just mean candy. It’s some candy I got for Easter some time long ago. Like, a year ago. That’s two Easters ago, for those of you keeping score at home. My “candy bin” houses the best candy from that Easter. I stashed it so I could enjoy it for a while. Most of it got eaten (if only I could go back in time and tell my blissfully unaware self to eat it all!), but the current contents are:

  • Starburst jelly beans (aka, my favorite jelly beans)
  • A half-eaten white chocolate bunny (not too big a fan of white chocolate)
  • Some kind of chocolate chip thing that you microwave in this plastic mold and freeze it to make a chocolate bunny
  • DELICIOUS chocolate wafer cookies from Ireland (saved because they are THE BEST, and I can’t get more)

As I mentioned earlier, I shouldn’t let myself look in that bin because I recently found out that I’m allergic to tree nuts, and I knew that I probably would find yummy chocolate things I can’t eat. I did. But I also found those Starburst jelly beans, and they were the source of my problem.

So here’s the scene: I got my beans, I got my bowl, I got my laptop, I’m all ready to go. I’m sitting down. I’m mindlessly eating the jelly beans. The jelly bean supply is dwindling. As the numbers get smaller, it’s easier for me to eat them in a ridiculous systematic way. Here’s the way: The worst colors get eaten first, and the best are saved for last. But, I save one of each color I like for last. Which means, I don’t save the orange ones but I save one of everything else (I just eat all the orange ones right away to get them out of the way). Once I get down to one of each good color, I eat them in the order “worst flavor to best flavor.”

All of that ^^ ? That was the normal part.

Lately I’ve been disregarding the system and just eating them…wait for it…without thinking *GASP!*. I guess I’ve been reasonably occupied. But apparently, that video’s failure to load set me off.

For one thing, I couldn’t tell the orange apart from the pink with the weird lighting! And it would not have been good to eat all the pink ones first, and inadvertently save a gross orange one for last! But I did get through that safely. The next problem was: “Which tastes better, pink, red, or yellow?” Normally an easy question, but this is STARBURST JELLY BEANS we’re talking about here. They pretty much all taste good! (Except orange, but I think we’ve established my feelings about that enigma of a flavor/color.)

That was when I realized just how bored I was. It actually distracted me from completing any further tasks until I wrote about it. I’m sure I could have gone on and lived a perfectly happy life without writing this, but I wrote it now, and the Internet can just DEAL WITH IT.

– One Crazy K-Tosh 😀

edit: OOH, it makes a smiley face. </amateur moment>

So the other day, my dad and I were running some errands and went into the Apple store to pick up some software. And while we were in there, you’ll never guess who we ran into! James Franco! He was very helpful and got us what we needed- considering he worked at the Apple store.

Sorry to pull your leg, but the James Franco we ran into isn’t the person who starred in Spider-man or 127 Hours. 

I first noticed his famous name when he handed us his business card. Suspicious, I asked him if it was his real name.


It was, so the next thing was to ask for his autograph of course!


I love it when odd things like this happen!

– J. Coco

I realize that the title “Tosh Tunes” is corny, but just bear with me. ^_^ I want you guys to check out some videos I found today. I thought they were pretty cool, but obviously they are going to be rather biased towards my favorite types of music. You might think they’re cool even if you don’t like the songs themselves.

The first one is the official video for John Mayer’s latest single, “Shadow Days.” Definitely not my favorite song, but the landscapes shown here are so beautiful.

Apparently they drove from LA to Montana, stopping at different sites along the way, and that’s how they found all this great scenery.

This next one is an American Idol performance, by the winner, Phillip Phillips. This video is tosh because of the way he completely changed the song from its original version.

Now, for comparison purposes, here’s the real thing.

A guy on roller skates with a florescent boom box? What’s more tosh than that?! Absolutely nothing.

Next up is a song you may (or may not) have heard on the radio before. Yes, it’s a Tom Petty cover, but you might have heard JM’s version too. Or, you may not have.

I am sorry to say that I can’t figure out who those two guys performing with him are. The guy on the right might be Steve Jordan, but I have no idea who the guy on the left is. Anyway, I just think it’s a really beautiful version of this song.

This next music video is the coolest that I’ve seen in a long time. The drums really are on fire. Plus, I love this song.

Here’s the last video. It gets a little weird at some parts, and it is long, but it shows a unique songwriting process which I think is fascinating.

I laughed when I heard all the different versions of the lyrics that he came up with. Some of them made me cringe. Anyway, now you know how I spent my time today. ;D

– K-Tosh

As any Harry Potter fan would know, July 31 was Harry’s birthday! And in proper fashion, Stosh, K-Tosh, and I celebrated it with a replica of the cake that Hagrid made for Harry on his eleventh birthday! It was a basic chocolate cake with pink icing and green writing. In the book, the message on the cake is spelled correctly, but we had a little fun with it and misspelled it just like the movie did.

It was simply delicious, and, yes, we did eat some for breakfast the next morning!

How did you celebrate the holiday?

– J. Coco

On July 31, Stosh, K-Tosh, and I got together celebrate Harry Potter’s and J.K Rowling’s birthday! We had a good ol’ time watching the first Harry Potter movie, playing Scene It (I came out with the win this time), enjoying the Hogwarts House colors decorations, eating a replica of Harry’s 11th Birthday cake (another post and pictures are soon to come!), and, to my reluctance, watching A Very Potter Musical.

Stosh had seen the fan-made phenomenon before and wanted to make K-Tosh and me fans as well. I can’t speak for K-Tosh, but it left me with mixed feelings. I heard a lot of big talk about the musical from our other friends but I always had hesitation toward actually sitting down and watching it. The thing is that I have the utmost respect for the entire Harry Potter series. J.K Rowling is basically a goddess and a complete genius for creating a world with such rich and creative detail. Also the fact that she can perfectly connect the whole series over seven books is overly impressive. I love her writing and wit and nothing could possibly refute my love for her written masterpiece or its characters. Because I respect the series so much and I didn’t want its beauty tarnished, and I was afraid to watch A Very Potter Musical.

Overall, it was ok. Apart from Harry Potter, as a production standing alone, it was good. The content for the most part was funny, the music and songs were pretty good, and it wasn’t boring. (I’ll admit the Quirrell- Voldemort relationship was pretty funny). I think Starkid (the theater group) did the best they could do with limited resources and effects. I was entertained.

As a Harry Potter fan, however, I was put very close to the edge. At parts I was cringing. Whenever Ginny came on stage and spoke, I wanted to shake the actress by the shoulders and ask her: “WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ONE OF THE BEST CHARACTERS!?!” But I kept my composure. Stosh kept reminding me that the members of Starkid were all Harry Potter fans and that they were performing out of enjoyment of the greatest series of all time instead of poking fun of it. I guess it’s the type of fandom between Starkid and myself that is different. They have pure enjoyment with Harry Potter and I have pure respect for Harry Potter. I know the overdone characters are what makes the production funny but I had a hard time with it. I think if I had no idea what Harry Potter was, I would have enjoyed A Very Potter Musical much more.

Don’t just take my word for it! Judge for yourself! Here’s act 1 part 1 of the musical.

– J. Coco