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Hey out there! Stosh here



Every time Lost answers a question, they give me ten more. I was just watching the end of season three thinking, “Wow, the Season 2 finale was way more intense” and right then, the flashback turns into a flash forward and Jack and Kate are meeting in an airport. And then when Season 4 started and they showed Hurley’s flash forward, I knew that six of the people from Oceanic flight 815 went home. Now, I have no idea what happened to the rest of them. The ones that definitely went home are Hurley, Jack (who looks absolutely killer with a beard), and Kate. And Desmond said he saw Claire and Aaron getting on the helicopter, so maybe them too.

Now, my main question from this episode is, why is everyone so scared of the “rescue team”? I know they have trust issues because of The Others, and I know the rescue team isn’t who they say they are, but really, they seem completely harmless. They’re all friendly, and they are all willing to help rescue the passengers even if that isn’t their main objective. AND, better yet, they’re looking for Ben, who is basically everyone’s number one enemy. Plus, Dan seems to be this adorable and hilarious geek, which automatically gives him points. So what’s the problem? It’s obviously the big scary guy in a suit who hired them all. The mysterious, deep-voiced guy who told Hurley (in the future) that he was from Oceanic Flights. If he really is from Oceanic, why in the world would he need to kill Ben? What business does he have on the island? We all know the island is special. It has electromagnetic anomalies, it heals people, it has black smoke that kills people, and it has Jacob. These are the things that the man must be after. Like all suited Americans, he must want to use the island’s power for his own gain. The trouble is, the suited enigma seems like a bad guy, but the “rescue team” doesn’t seem all that bad.

And now on to the bigger questions:

What is this black smoke, this island monster?

Why do the rescuers have a picture of Desmond and Penny?


Who (or what) in the world is Jacob?

And what is even going on?? aaah


Is anyone out there? Yeah, I didn’t think so…anyways

I am Stosh. My friends call me a hippie but I’m really just your average girl who eats organic food and loves all thing natural and just wants everyone to be happy and get along. These are some things you (if you are reading this, which I highly doubt) might see me post about:

Movies: Harry Potter, You’ve Got Mail, anything Tom Hanks or Tom Felton, Notting Hill

Music: I like some indie stuff, Regina Spektor, Marina and the Diamonds, Keane, the Dodos, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer, the BeeGees, Ke$ha, and Call Me Maybe

TV: oh where do I start? I’m really really into Lost right now – I just started season 4, so expect some serious ranting and spoilers. I also love Parks and Recreation, Merlin, Downton Abbey, Ellen, and the Real Housewives of New Jersey and Beverly Hills

Books: Right now I’m reading Pride and Prejudice again for school and Snow Flower and the Secret Fan for fun. I’m also trying to get through Getting Things Done by David Allen…we’ll see how that goes. I’ll link to my Shelfari eventually.

And just for the fun of it, first song on my shuffle: The Degrassi Theme Song




My name is jk@#iyh&esd but my friends call me K-Tosh. It’s easier to pronounce.  I am one of the three of us editing this blog.

The Data

Likes: Ice hockey, manga, anime, video games, television, movies, music

Dislikes: Politics, homework

Favorite Food: Watermelon

Least Favorite Foods: Nuts, milk (I know, it’s a drink…)

Favorite Class: Almost anything with science

Handedness: Right

First song that plays when I hit shuffle: Back At Your Door – Maroon 5

The next song, the one I actually listened to: Eh Hee – Dave Matthews Band

Last book I read that wasn’t manga: Five Flavors of Dumb by Antony John

P.S.: I just want to let you know that “Plane” up there isn’t a grammatical error. We promise to tell you all about that soon.

In the beginning, there was Toshiba. You know, those people who make computers. Their computers are pretty tosh, don’t you think? We think so. Anyway, tosh: \toe-shh\ (noun. adj. adv. v.) 1. Beyond awesome. 2. The perfect exclamation. 3. Any positive definition imaginable. 4. It’s tosh. 5. Just go with us here. 

About us: (We’re tosh) (We’re the embodiment of tosh) (In case you couldn’t tell) (anyway…)

Well… you’ll eventually find out.

Our mission? Bringin’ the tosh.

Because the world could always use a little more tosh. 

– Stosh, K-Tosh, and J. Coco